K2K Ride ( How it all Started )

How It All Started...

Everything that has been done have some roots to the beginning” 

so just giving a briefing where it all started for me

By Raj

Everyone in this world has their own dreams and are always fascinated by the thought of  fulfilling them at some point of time in their life…..

I was not an exception to this and always get excited on the thoughts of travelling and exploring the new places. 

Being born in a middle class family in a small town of  Jammu and Kashmir and being restricted to even roam around freely around my own city, I always dreamed of exploring the world without having to worry much about the Consequences. This  bows the seeds of travelling in my mind.

I’m a kind of foodie as well and as my mother has taught me how to cook from very beginning (may be she knows the future) and my love for food plays the role of catalyst in my endeavour to achieve my dreams.

Being a big fan of Bear grylls ( that man from discovery channel’s famous show Man vs Wild) I always wanted to try different sorts of extreme adventures and foods in my life. Even I tried few of them also ( not mentioning here though what I have tried so far 😁)

As shared in my previous post, it’s often your dreams that leads to your passions . This is true for me atleast. For travelling you need some sort of convenience. Being a child I could not have much to dream of exploring the world on airplanes and helicopters.

So the dream started on the very first day when I got my first bike. ( A hero bicycle ) when I was in 6th class and father was posted in Reasi .

The first ever ride that I took was in the same year when I travelled on my bicycle from Reasi to Jyotipuram with my then friend Murli. And you know what, it was only around 5 km journey but was totally Uphill with very narrow roads with steep slopes on one side and asshole bunch of drivers on the other. But me being me without giving any second thoughts on consequences started my journey.Returned back at night around 9pm and I only know the reception I received at that night in my Home. Father was worried and Mother was full of emotions where did her little innocent 😎child has gone..  

 And Indian mothers love and emotions you know  I was locked in a room and was beaten like hell with broomstick, Damni ( a kind of wooden bat used for washing clothes in Indian homes), sleepers, sticks and whatnot. 😁😁 That family quarters room still holds my screams 😂😂

But Hum toh Bachpan Se hi Shareef hain 😎 Didn’t learned a bit from that beating experience and done my Second ever journey on bicycle in 7th Class again from Reasi to Sihad Baba (Talwara) . But this time was little conscious about timings so bunked school 😎 Got caught while returning and again mother’s love shower her blessings on me. ( Same Room Same Memories 🤣)

As time passed switched from Bicycle to Scooter ( My second bike -@ a second hand LML Vespa ) .I was back in my hometown. Things changed a lot after Mom passed away but one thing still remains the same– u know what — Travelling. 😉

Ride 3 — Class 12th . Ride : Udhampur to Billawar to Rajouri (approx 700km) .

It was summer vacations told dad that I am going to my grandparents house. He even dropped me at bus station. But again there was something  different cooking in that innocent mind 😎 This time something more dangerous was being tested . So left the bus at next stop took my Scooter and Ride was On. I found myself travelling to Billawar my grandparents house on Scooter.

On my way back don’t know why but diverted my route and started Travelling towards Rajouri district ( one of the disturbed areas in Jammu and Kashmir ).

It was a 400 km journey without driving License and Papers of vehicle.😁 what was going in my mind was ( visiting Shadra Sharif Dargah ) till date I am not sure why I wanted to go there .😂 But this time I was lucky enough not to get caught anywhere.

 Watch innocence of a kid here😎

Told my father about this ride a month later and got scolded again😀 

After that I took many small and big rides some known to family and some secret. But Travelling Panda in me never felt bored.

When I reached College, started demanding Bike but being known to my father as what his innocent child is capable of doing 😂 never got one  during my entire college life. This starts the fire in me to get one asap .

 After 6 yrs of demanding bike and 2 yrs of job finally got my first bike

                   Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc 

Now I believe U all can understand what will be the condition of innocent boy who got his dream bike after 8 years of constant struggle.

The Day I got keys of bike in my hand there was only one thing that was revolving all around me . “The dream Ride. ( Kashmir to Kanyakumari )”

Within First year itself I made a plan to travel from Kashmir to Kanyakumari  in June 2017. Got my leaves approved from office .Everything was going fine without planning though apart from leaves approval😁 and it failed ; not because I backed-up from travelling but due to cancellation of leaves at the last moment.

I was shattered the day and thought of resigning from the organisation where I was working at that time but then the thoughts of all the hardships that I have to go through to get this job , thoughts  about my future, how would I survive this cruel world  started taken over my mind and then (  I resigned the very next month July 2017 😂)………..

So, this is it for today. In next post I will be talking about My Plannings, Preparations and Official Leaves😂. Stay Tuned…

If you Like the writing , Do Remember to leave me a comment. It will keep me motivated for future posts.

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  1. Grt work rajat 👍👍👍
    Ur K2K trip was full of adventure !!

    What’s d plan of nxt trip ??

    1. Thanks Triveni. Next Long Ride will be West to East and is planned next year in August -September. However there will be small rides in between. Keep following. You will soon hear the Announcements..

  2. You have written very nice blog,
    The clarity in your post is simply great.
    Do keep up the gratifying work.
    All the best for next ride.

    1. Thanks Bhagyashree…

  3. Wow… Seems like a joyful and amazing journey as a kid. Wish you all the best for coming trips. Do not let travel bug stop biting you..

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