• So tell me something about yourself :   

This is the hardest question to answer for anyone in this world without faking his/her personality( Of-course everyone wants to be in good books). 
I will try not to fake my personality and give you a brief intro about myself.

Well coming to the answer : 
I am Rajat Sharma on documents 🙂 while  nick named as Raj/Bantu/Motu/Nishu/Finu(dont dare to call me by this name though now 😛 ). 
Originally have my roots from Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir.  Initial schooling from Udhampur then travelled in Jammu Province for completing my education (by-the-way I am Masters in Computer Application 😉 ).  

About my Beliefs and Passions:
Well I am a hard core Mahadev Devotee , a Software Engineer by Profession, Day Dreamer by Nature , Bike Rider and Cook by Passion and a Newbie  writer by choice. (hopefully You will get to see that in my blogs also if you dare to read 😀   forgive me for shitty writings if any 😛 ) .  Adventure lover since I learn to walk by my own 😛  (Kaand bahut kiye hai aur fal ki chinta nhi ki kabhi).  

Rest there is lot to share about my life  and will definitely share in blog if i come famous — no one wants to know your life unless you r famous enough to have an interest in your life (or you are a  gossip loving aunt next door 😛 ) . Well having said all the above, I don’t have regrets in life, doesn’t matter whatever I am doings and that’s the main motivation factor for living the life on my own will.

“Life is short.. Live it to the fullest . Dare to Dream and Chase your Dreams….”



Now as you have spent so much time reading about me so just scroll down a bit and checkout my bucket list also.(It gets updated with new passions and dreams )



My Bucket List 

  • Bike Ride around the world at least 30-50 countries.
  • World Tour with Family.
  •  Sky Diving before I turned 40.
  • Scuba Diving.
  • Bungee Jumping before I turned 35.  
  • Purchasing house with my own money.
  • Adopt one Child.
  • Bike Ride from Kashmir to Kannyakumari (North to South of India). — Done June 2018
  •  Bike Ride from Koteshwar to Kithibu (West to East of India).
  • Bike Ride to Spiti Valley.
  • Bike Ride to Ladakh. — Done June2018.
  • Go to all 12 Jyotirlings on Bike.
  • Do  Kawad Yatra on Bike.
  • Bike Ride to Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Exploring every state in India on Bike.
  • Getting dead drunk and passing out not remembering anything 😀 — December 2017
  • Own a Harley Davidson Bike.
  • Dream Proposal to my GF/Wife 😛 (Whoever comes in life first 😀 )  T&C* applied.
  • Having six pack abs before marriage.
  •  Taste authentic food of all the states in India.
  • Camping under the starts and to think about life.
  • Try to be in Bear Grills mode once in a life time.
  •  Start a Charity.
  •  Go on a Safari.
  •  Run a marathon.
  •  Climb a mountain.
  •  Give a Surprise to Someone.
  •  Start my own Business.
  •  Fly in hot air Balloon.
  •  Learn to play musical instrument.
  •  Visit Amazon Rain forest and River.
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