The Dream and Passion.

Dreams and Passion

There is very close connection between one’s dreams and one’s Passion.

By Raj

“Life without a dream is a Life without Meaning”

We often tend to be so busy in our lives that we forgot what we actually want from life.

Eventually 90 percent of the people you meet are really spending their lives giving whatever they have or are doing , name to their dreams.

So here comes the Question what actually is a Dream.

Childhood Purest form

As child we often dream of small things in life being it .Getting a star on notebook from teacher, Getting a new geometry box,Becoming the Class monitor , Owning a bicycle. And for today's generation Owning a mobile may be.

Teenage : The bolder one

As we approach our teenage our dreams changes to Going to a cool college, Having a beautiful Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Owning a bike, Having loads of money to spend and ofcourse having minimum interference in our life's by Parents.

Matured One

Dreams takes another turn when we approach the middle age ,here we dream about having a understanding Partner, Owning a house , Giving better life to Children, Having a big bank balance.

Old Age .. The Future

At last when we approach the old age dreams take another turn into things like Having a Relaxing time with family, Have a decent respect in society, Having no debits and finally the peaceful end to life.

If you see there is only one thing that is common that we are searching in all these stages of life . ”Happiness”.

But does it really making us Happy ??

If you spent a little time with yourself and analyse the above you will realize that apart from childhood dreams which were the purest form every other dream was just our selfishness and greed and not actually a dream. ( Sab Moh Maya Hai 😁 )

In my opinion Dream is What will make you feel accomplished/Satisfied upon fulfilling it , without U having any hidden expectations of having any hidden benefits from it.

As a kid and adult I also dreamt of all the above whichever were applicable to me 😋 but there are few things that i always dream of without having any hidden agendas to get from those apart from a feeling of satisfaction. You will soon come to know about them.

Now Comes Passion

As per Google ChaCha ”Passion is Strong and Barely Controllable Emotion (This is not what I meant here though .ChaCha seems to be dreaming wrong 😁“.

”True passion is the desire and drive to obtain a specific goal, dream or lifestyle”

Each and Everyone of us are passionate about one thing or other. It’s just few of us had identified and others are on their path towards identification.

In my opinion One,’s dreams is what leads them towards identification of their Passions or vice versa i.e One’s passion can also leads them towards their dreams.  One cannot have a dream of becoming a Traveller and have passion about paintings. If your dreams and Passions don’t sync together nicely, you will barely achieve the satisfaction you are seeking.

As far as I am concerned, From the very beginning I was kind of fascinated with travels and bikes. There were days in my life when I was having LML vespa scooter that too without complete papers and not having license as well and I travelled around 700 KMS reaching one of  the disturbed areas in my state without knowledge of my parents but that’s a different story which I will narrate sometime later in my blog though.

Things which I will be talking about in upcoming series of blog posts will be related to my dream of travelling all four corners of India. It’s still  a dream half fulfilled yet. I have covered Northern and Southernmost points in India with an addon of touching the Central most point in India as well.

This series of blog post will  be divided into different phases of my travel where I will be  sharing my complete experience right from the very beginning. How it all started, what all are the challenges I faced convincing my parents,How plan failed once ,What preparations I did being travelling solo on bike without any experience of Long ride whatsoever, Challenges faced during ride , The incidents that changed me as a person ( not much though 😉) . “Pehle b Dheeth the abhi bhi waise hi hai “,

Last but not the least. I am not a writer , if you found any mistakes please feel free to ask me to correct them . I will never mind.

                       And if someone gets really offended by any post ,word,sentence, line or paragraph that I use in upcoming blogs ,please do let me know .. I will look into that with full enthusiasm and respect😁😁

Stay Tuned for the first Blog post of K2K series.How It Started and What  preparation I did for that mammoth Bike Ride..

Bye for Now.  “Keep following your Dreams”…

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  1. Bahut badhiya, keep it up

  2. Thanks Test.. Aise lag rha jaise maine khud hi test krke khud hi reply kar diya ho 😛

  3. Great job Raj. Finally you blogged about it.

    1. Yeah. Sometimes you need a small word of encouragement to let you going. Got my words and here I am finally found myself writing… 🙂

  4. Nice starting keep going have dreams and live ur dreams …thats life … stay blessed

    1. Thanks Anita … Wait for others as well . Finally I have started to write it down my experiences. You will see a loy more of them in upcoming future.. 🙂

  5. good

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